Review: Karcher G 3200 OCT 2.5 GPM 3200 PSI 196cc Gas Power Pressure Washer, Pro Series

Karcher G 3200 gas pressure washerIn the world of pressure washers, the Karcher brand is number one best selling. This new pro series Karcher G 3200 Gas Pressure Washer promises to be cleaner and quicker than the competition. It is powerful enough for the professional handyman, yet simple enough for around the house maintenance.


Some notable features include the professional-grade three-piston crankshaft (triplex) pump and the professional-grade unloader valve. These, in conjunction with the Karcher KXS 196cc engine, create a powerful jet of water, capable of cleaning all tight nooks and crannies. The Karcher G 3200 is not only good for basic yard cleanup, but also for tough mildew stains and tile scum. Along with it’s 3200 PSI, it can make easy work of just about anything including concrete driveways.

The quick connect 25ft steel-braided rubber high-pressure hose combined with the pneumatic tires and metal wheels allow the user to get hard to reach places comfortably. Moreover, although the washer is 69.5 pounds, the wheels make transporting the machine much easier.


Model: Karcher G 3200

GPM: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute

PSI: 3200 PSI

Pump: Triplex Pump!!

Engine: Karcher KXS 196cc

Detergent System: YES Detergent injection hose

Nozzles: 0, 15, 25, 45, and 65/Soap.

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty.



Whether your yard is big or small, there will always be those hard to reach places. The 25ft hose is perfect for reaching into tight areas such as awnings and gutters. The Karcher G 3200 power washer also boasts a durable 18 gauge welded frame, coated with powder to resist corrosion. Given the investment needed to purchase this power washer, rust resistant coating does ease the mind regarding the longevity of the machine.

Speaking of longevity, you will love that this unit has a triplex pump. If you are not sure what that means, it simply means the best. Be sure to check out my article on why the pump is the most important part of any pressure washer.

You will also enjoy the power for price ratio here. You are getting a 3200 PSI pressure washer for a very good price >>Best Price can be found by clicking here<<

3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM is more than enough power to get just about anything done around the house and this machine is even capable to be used in commercial applications.

Another great feature is the free two-year warranty. If this machine, for whatever reason fails within two years of purchase, the Karcher Company will either fix or replace the machine. Accidents happen all the time, feel assured in knowing your investment is secured, after all, that’s what warranties are for.



First, the Karcher G 3200 is somewhat expensive as it retails for $450 on, which is a hefty price for a gas pressure washer. Secondly, the start-up process is also bit complicated. Although this machine is quite powerful, it takes a lot of work to get it started (compared to other push button start models and electric pressure washer models). Yard work is already daunting; a slow start-up can dishearten even the most enthusiastic worker.

Lastly, the maintenance. This is a con that I write in just about every gas pressure washer review that I do. You have to take care of gas engines. They are not as easy as electric models. Maintain them correctly and they will last a very long time. This includes changing the oil, applying pump saver, and any other specifics that are in the manual.


Is It Worth It?

To conclude, of course, this power washer is worth the investment. The price point might dissuade some people, but the two-year warranty should not be ignored. Given the pros and cons, this washer has earned a solid 4.0/5.0, star rating and is definitely worthy of consideration!

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  1. Ian says

    With that detergent injector system does that mean it will dispense soap at high pressure with all nozzles or will it only dispense with the one soap dispensing nozzle?
    Thank you

    • says

      It has a detergent suction hose. You place the hose into the bottle of detergent and it will filter it with water. I only use the detergent nozzle but it should pump soap on all nozzles.

  2. Ryan Bohr says

    What is the maximum extension hose that can be used? Without affecting performance, or straining the machine. 25′ is just not enough for what I need…

  3. Ryan says

    What would happen if I only used a 100 ft hose alone?? Would it damage the machine?? I am needing to wash off a metal roof before I coat it. Thanks for your help…

  4. Logan Brown says

    This washer looks like a great buy for many residents. For commercial and business use though it may be better to go with a much more industrial size washer.

  5. Liz White says

    Despite the price, it’s got a nice PSI with a good few standard nozzles. Gotta go gas all the way if you want power, and the maintenance can’t be helped in that case. And like you say, the warranty’s definitely got some value to it, especially if you use it often!

    Nice review, thanks.


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