My name is Mike and I recently moved into a new home from a small condo. I found out that I had a lot more yard work to do and realized I was in the market for a new pressure washer. I have a large concrete driveway that needed to be cleaned and sealed. Instead of hiring someone to clean and seal it every year for me, I decided I was going to research to find out what the best pressure washer for cleaning a concrete driveway was and then purchase it. I figured this would be a good investment over the years.

As I read about all of the different pressure washers out there and what they were capable of I soon became very knowledgeable in the subject and took an interest to it. I decided I wanted to create this website to share my facts and opinions with the rest of the world. Pressure washers can be a very expensive purchase or a quick cheap impulse buy depending on what your needs are.

Like I said, I had a large concrete driveway to clean and a low powered pressure washer was not going to cut it. After reading about what others used to clean their concrete driveway I soon realized that I wanted to get a gas model with at least 3000 PSI for my first pressure washer.

Previously I tried using my parents electric pressure washer and there was not enough power to get the stains and dirt out of the driveway. I tried using cleaning agents and soap and those pesky spots just would not come out. After searching and reading other reviews, I found the perfect pressure washer for me based on the price. It was low cost, on sale, had 3100 PSI, great reviews, and an excellent warranty. I also picked up a PowerFit PF31023 Surface Cleaner from Amazon has others said it makes cleaning the concrete a breeze.

As soon as I fired up the machine it was blasting those tough stains away that the electric pressure washer could not get out. I was done with the job super fast and it was very rewarding. Now I enjoy reading up on the latest models and reviewing them to help others find the perfect machine to get their cleaning done fast.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to leave comments below or contact me. I will answer very quick as I get notifications on my phone.


Thanks for checking out my website!